Neil R. Jones

Family photo taken circa 1947 / 48

This picture shows Neil's entire family.  Photo I believe was taken for his parent's 50th wedding anniversary, again circa 1947/1948.  I will name everyone and what their relationship to Neil was.

In this photo standing from the left is Richard (Dick) Widell, (husband of Marguerite Jones - neice), Helen Jones (sister-in-law, wife of Gurden Jones), John McKenna, (brother-in-law and husband of Marie, Ivan Jones (brother and my father), Neil, Rita Jones (wife), Gurden Jones (brother), George McKenna (nephew).

Seated from left, Marguerite Widell (neice and my sister), on her lap is her son, Richard, Esther Jones, (mother), Clarence, (father), Marie McKenna, (sister), H.Lucille Jones, (sister-in-law and my mother) and on her lap is Eileen Widell twin sister to Richard.

Seated on the floor from left is Robert Jones, (nephew and my brother), James Jones(nephew/me)

All but the Widells, my brother and myself are deceased.

Although this photo was taken about 55 years ago, I do remember that day!!


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